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Hi, I am Faris.

I am a UI/UX Developer at Frappe. I started writing code in my last year of graduation, participated in a hackathon and got my first job.

I have developed an affinity towards UI and UX design. I love building new products and building UIs for them. My recent project is Frappe Books.

I share my learnings on twitter and here on my blog.

Three Years at Frappe

It has been 3 years since I joined Frappe and it's been quite a journey. This is an attempt to write down my experiences during my third year at Frappe.

1 July 2019. 4 min read.

A Software Developer at the Gym

Before joining the gym I was 55 kg. I am 68.5 kg today. This is a story about how going to the gym helped me gain weight and be more disciplined.

26 September 2018. 3 min read.

Making a new datatable for the web

I was on a mission to remove all the jQuery UI components we used in our application and replace them with lightweight solutions.

23 August 2018. 6 min read.

2 Years at Frappe

I joined Frappe Technologies on 20th June 2016. I joined as a fresher knowing nothing about real software development.

26 June 2018. 4 min read.

A year at Frappé

I joined Frappé Technologies on 20th June 2016. I was a fresher just out of college with a Computer Science degree.

26 June 2017. 3 min read.
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The time when I flew

I had never been on a plane, until last Wednesday. Our company was organising a code sprint at Kozhikode. I was lucky enough to be invited and was excited to say the least.

9 May 2017. 2 min read.

Things I learned in 6 months of UI Design

For the past 6 months, I have been working mostly on UI. And it is real fun to see your code reflect beautiful elements on a web page

15 February 2017. 3 min read.

My first Javascript Library

JavaScript is the first language using which I actually started making projects. Since, I had coded in C, Java and C#, it really felt weird as a language.

13 January 2017. 1 min read.

My Journey as a Programmer

I was fascinated by computers ever since my friend introduced me to his computer.

25 November 2016. 3 min read.
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How I landed at Frappé

“Hey, there’s this Hackathon being organized at DBIT tomorrow. Let’s go.” I said to my friend. Next day, we were at Mumbai Hackathon, trying to make an app.

28 August 2016. 1 min read.