I had never been on a plane, until last Wednesday. Our company was organising a code sprint at Kozhikode. I was lucky enough to be invited and was excited to say the least.

So, I packed my bags and left for the airport. I think airports are designed generally to intimidate and awe people. The Mumbai International Airport (T2) did the same to me. I was blown away by the architecture.

Mumbai Airport T2

I tried to act cool the whole time. Met my colleagues who were also invited, and went ahead to check-in using a kiosk. No seats were available. So, uhm, we used the good ol’ queue to check-in. And, we were upgraded to Business Class. Yay, I guess.

After the security check, we were supposed to board the plane. We were allowed to skip the queue, since we had a “Business Class” boarding pass. We entered the flying vehicle and occupied our seats. Seats, which had lots of buttons. Things emerged out of its armrests. And yes, each person got his own pair of armrests. I made sure to press each button and see what it does.

The pilot kept us informed about the timings and stuff. It was time for takeoff. The plane started picking up speed on the runway. Shit got real. I was a little scared. The feeling can be compared to sitting on a roller coaster.

Did I mention, we got window seats? I looked through the window as we went higher and higher. And my mind couldn’t stop thinking about things which could go wrong. In a few minutes, we were flying above the clouds. How cool is that.

The parallax effect of the clouds combined with the view of the horizon looked surreal.

It so happened, that the plane we boarded also offered complimentary breakfast. If there was a bottle filled with all of my luck, I think this would be the last drop.

In an hour, we were in a different state. The captain announced the landing. The scenery was rural and hilly. I saw lots of coconut trees and crop plantations. We landed Calicut after 1.5 hours of leaving Mumbai. That is some fast transport.

These are my thoughts of my first flying experience. Thanks Rushabh for inviting me for the trip. It was a great experience.